At a Glance


MapBiomas is an initiative to map land-cover and land-use that was started in Brazil in 2015 and which has now been applied in other countries across Latin America. The launching of MapBiomas Indonesia Collection 1.0 will pioneer the adoption of MapBiomas’s innovative methods in other tropical countries.



MapBiomas Indonesia consists of nine Indonesian civil society organizations (CSO’s) which are coordinated by Auriga Nusantara and integrated into the MapBiomas Global Network.



All of MapBiomas Indonesia’s products will be updated on a periodic basis. The unique title used to distinguish each update is ‘Collection X.X’, and the first set of products of MapBiomas Indonesia is titled ‘MapBiomas Indonesia Collection 1.0’.

Future plans

MapBiomas Indonesia plans to develop a platform that can detect land cover changes in near-real-time, adopting a methodology similar to the MapBiomas Alerta system now implemented in Brazil.


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